Robots Will Be Made From Air

If you watch a science fiction from the 1970s teh computers can talk but they look like the old metal boxes that we used to use until a few years ago. Even though Star Trek introduced us to something like an iPhone the majoritiy of IT devices looked just like then.

We do the same with robots. We envision the future robots made of metal, heavy metal. I don’t think so. I believe that metal will be replaced by materials like carbon. it’s a lot lighter and much easier to produce. There’s a lot of carbon all around us – so much that it poses a new threat to our climate, CO2. You can easily win it by letting plants do the job.

My forecast is that robots of the future will look like a living organism. Their casings and frames will be grown by themselves simulating photosynthesis, or maybe they will be a mixture between plants and IT connected to create neural networks. They will do their work without complaining, learn very fast and move around like some new sort of life. Or maybe they will look like animals, but still their flesh material will be made of organic compounds on a carbon basis, produced by photosythesis. And they will help to reduce the CO2 levels in the atmosphere, though probably by far not enough…

Think about it and write me your thoughts. #foreseeing

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