«Washington’s New Blitzkrieg and How Integrated Campaigns Could Help Swiss Banks»

Our US-Partner Sid Balman published an article today in Switzerland’s leading blog for the banking industry: «Washington’s New Blitzkrieg and How Integrated Campaigns Could Help Swiss Banks»

The virtual artillery barrage the US Justice Department launched recently on the heart of Switzerland’s banking center – Zurich’s venerable Paradeplatz – shattered a peace agreement for which the Union Bank of Switzerland had paid dearly. (…) It has become clear that the Obama Administration is employing a campaigning approach that relies on an overall strategy – tied to short, medium and long-term goals – as well as a determination not to stop until they are successful. Swiss banks will continue to be frustrated until they arm themselves with the same types of campaigning “weapons” as the Obama Administration. (…) What is required is a toolbox containing integrated online and offline strategies tailored to grow a community of supporters that can move those who influence an issue. (…)

Read the full article here. Sid confirms what we wrote already in our Campaigning Summit Switzerland media release of 17th November:

Campaigning Summit Switzerland: Stop the Nett-Working! (English: nice, friendly, polite)
When it comes to campaigning the USA play a pioneering role — employing a holistic approach where all the stops are pulled to reach a particular goal. In Switzerland on the other hand the focus lies on Nett-Working (English: nice, friendly, polite) which quickly leads to a defensive style of communication.

I made it my mission to raise awareness for my hypothesis that there must be players in Washington D.C. with a hidden agenda who are actively campaigning against our finance industry and that the only cure can be to apply the same approach, in a pro-active way, from a position of sovereignty instead of from a defensive position as it has been so far.

That is the reason why Sid is going to give a speech during the Campaigning Summit Switzerland «Seize the conversation in Washington — Don’t build you strategy on a House of Cards.» (Program)

And why we shall also have a workshop on this topic the night before, during which he wants to learn what the practical problems are and work on solutions which will be included in his speech the next day:

«How to make your voice heard in DC – practical insights» (Link)

Admission to the workshop requires a Campaigning Summit Switzerland ticket or an official invitation by business campaigning Switzerland GmbH.


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