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business campaigning ProfilbildThe reason
During the last 14 months my company business campaigning Switzerland GmbH has grown from a team of 2 employees in Switzerland to a team of 7 in Switzerland and 3 in Germany (Saarland, to be precise). With the new team and international direction, and also because our company, skills and offerings have developed, the company’s design, which goes back to the year 2007 or 2008, and our claim «Campaigning like Rock’n’Roll» did not make sense any more.
We needed something new and today we are happy to present what our Brand Identity & Strategic Design team created. It is more than a new logo and a new claim. There is a whole concept behind it, the development of which started in 2012. Creating a great design requires a lot of time.
The words
Our new claim «Strategic Support» expresses the fact that we are strong in strategic consulting as we are when it comes to putting a strategy into action. As our main differentiator is the ability to accomplish seemingly impossible missions we are ready to provide our clients with whatever they need to be successful. Whatever it takes.
Achieving a «mission impossible» for our clients is very often more like «with our clients» and it requires another working relationship than a traditional client-service-provider relationship. This is why we call our clients «partners». And because you should keep things as simple as possible when you try to accomplish an impossible mission we decided to shorten the name. Our company is now simply called «business campaigning GmbH». The new name is simply an expression of Strategic Campaigning Guideline No. 11 (simplicity & simplicity).
The symbols
Campaigning is the product of interventions and communications. It is not either or, it is both. Sometimes it is possible to make people change their thinking, their acting and their attitudes through communications. Sometimes you need more. This is where interventions can become important. An intervention is anything that changes a situation immediately, in its most radical form even without being communicated. It can be a labour union’s strike, a direct Greenpeace action, a change of processes in a company, the incorporation of a new company, a change management process  or a massive price reduction of a product. Interventions are traditionally the domain of management. The campaigning formula that Campaigning is the product of interventions and communications brings management and communications together.
The lightning stands for interventions (and of course also for AC/DC’s singer Bon Scott)
The feather stand for communications.
The cross that they form stands for the mathematical sign for multiplication: interventions x communications.
We are very proud of our new design. It expresses our brand identity in multiple ways and fits perfectly to our strategy. So much that we decided to offer this as a new service.Lorena and Michel form now our team for Brand Identity & Corporate Design. Wait for more.
And now it’s time to go out and visit all the pre-summit Campaigning Summit Switzerland Workshops.
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