Mit business campaigning 1 Million Kilo CO2 einsparen

Meine Firma unterstützt das Startup Simply Home bei der Lancierung einer Kampagne für intelligente Heizungssteuerung.


Campaigning Summit Workshops

Aus einer Idee wurde Realität. Letzten Herbst während des Web Summit in Dublin kam mir die Idee, am Vorabend des Campaigning Summit Zurich exklusive Workshops anzubieten. Auch in Dublin gab es exklusive Treffen, was den Reiz der Veranstaltung enorm steigerte. Zudem gab es via Twitter eine Anregung, sich speziell mit dem Thema Politische PR & Lobbying zu befassen.

Vom letztjährigen Team erklärte sich schnell Mattia Bütikofer bereit, den Workshop zu organisieren. Und als wir endlich das Konzept zusammen hatten, fand sich mit der Public Affairs Agentur FurrerHugi&Partner auch schnell ein Sponsor.

Heute konnten wir es offiziell bekanntgeben:

Am Vorabend des Summit finden Workshops zu bestimmten Themen statt. Den Anfang macht ein Workshop «Politische PR & Lobbying»

Am 22. Mai 2014 von 17 bis 19 Uhr. Der Ort wird individuell bekanntgegeben.

Der Workshop startet mit einem kurzen Referat. Anschliessend gibt es Arbeitsgruppen und/oder eine Diskussion im Plenum zum behandelten Thema. Die Ergebnisse werden den Teilnehmende in Form eines Factsheet zur Verfügung gestellt.

Dieser Workshop ist exklusiv und gratis für Summit-Teilnehmende und für Gäste des Sponsors. Die Teilnahmerzahl ist vorläufig auf 15 Summit Teilnehmendelimitiert.

Die Anmeldung erfolgt beim Ticketkauf durch den Erwerb des Zusatzprodukts Workshop «Politische PR & Lobbying».

Teilnehmende, die ihr Ticket bereits gekauft haben, können sich per E-Mail anmelden:

Der erste Workshop wird von der Agentur FurrerHugi&Partner gesponsert.

Für einen weiteren Workshop, zum Thema Crowdfunding von Kampagnen, suchen wir noch einen Sponsor.

Haben Sie ein Thema, das Sie in einem Workshop behandeln möchten? Kennen Sie einen Sponsor oder möchten Sie selbst einen Workshop sponsoren? Dann schreiben Sie eine E-Mail an 

Campaigning Summit, u.a. mit Joe Trippi (USA) und Ursula Fraefel (CH)

Campaigning Summit Zürich 2013Die letzten Wochen waren äusserst arbeitsintensiv, so dass ich – allem guten Willen zum Trotz – einfach keine Zeit mehr zum Bloggen fand. Ausser dass ich ein kleines Büchlein zum Berechnen des relativen ROI von Social Media veröffentlichte (hier als Taschenbuch, es gibt es aber auch im Kindle-Format), haben wir auch noch das Campaigning Summit Zürich 2013 aus dem Boden gestampft. (Und Aufträge seitens Kunden gab es natürlich auch noch.

Umso mehr freue ich mich, dass wir heute per Medienmitteilung bekanntgeben konnten, dass wir für das erste Campaigning Summit in Zürich ein hochkarätiges Podium engagieren konnten. Wir haben den Erfinder des Campaigning Summit an Bord, einen Pionier des amerikanischen Präsidentschaftswahlkampfs, die Kampagnenleiterin von economiesuisse, einen erfolgreichen Jungunternehmer, der uns aufzeigt, wie man neue Medien für neue Geschäftsmodelle nutzt, und als Moderator Stephan Klapproth. Beim Einleitungsreferat werde ich darauf eingehen, welcher Nutzen sich aus Campaigning für NGO, Unternehmen und Politik ergeben kann. Hier nun die Medienmitteilung:

Medienmitteilung vom 20. März 2013

Campaigning Summit mit Joe Trippi (USA) und Ursula Fraefel (CH)

Menschen, die bewegen – Kampagnen, die bewegen. Dies ist das Motto des Campaigning Summit, das am 7. Juni 2013 nach zwei ausverkauften und hochkarätigen Veranstaltungen in Wien zum ersten Mal in Zürich stattfinden wird – mit prominenten Campaignern aus dem In- und Ausland. Moderiert wird die Veranstaltung durch Stephan Klapproth.

„Campaigning Summit, u.a. mit Joe Trippi (USA) und Ursula Fraefel (CH)“ weiterlesen

On Tour With A Rock’n’Roll Band

It’s been less than a year since I first heard ’77. I received a YouTube-link , clicked it and was totally fascinated. 30 years after Bon Scott had died, AC/DC was still producing great albums, the best music on earth to me, but like many AC/DC fans I missed Bon Scott and wondered what we might have gotten had he not died in 1980, ten months before my first AC/DC concert. And AC/DC are getting older. They had just come back from a break of  8 long years… How long would they be able to continue? Who would be there to keep their music alive? Many bands tried but to me they were all disappointing because none of them managed to write exactly that kind of music. Maybe they didn’t  try seriously enough? Would it be possible at all to produce new songs in the style of AC/DC with Bon Scott? How much space for creativity was left?

And then I heard ’77…

There are no better words to describe ’77 than those of another AC/DC fan: «’77 are like AC/DC should be». They are bringing back the seventies, the music of Bon Scott and they deliver new songs that sound exactly like AC/DC with Bon Scott, but they are new. Following our claim «campaigning like Rock’n’Roll» it was only logical that I decided to sponsors their last Swiss tour, which was in May.

By then they had just finished to record their new album. We agreed that I would not only sponsor but organise their next tour, in October.

This tour is currently going on with a second gig tonight in Zürich (Bar Rossi). It is my first engagement as a booking agent and not everything went perfect. I had to learn a lot about this business and made mistakes. But according to the band this tour has so far already been more successful than the complete last tour. I however think this is due to their growing fan base. Every new gig brings new fans and they spread the message and bring friends with them to the next show. And the band uses Facebook and MySapce perfectly to connect with them.

Anyway, I enjoy being on the road with a Rock’n’Roll band. Of course my normal business is continuing during the days. They are presenting their new album «High Decibels». Nomen est omen, Swiss police stopped 3 concerts early so far – high decibels…

Are you ready for Rock’n’Roll? Then come and get it. Remaining tour dates:

’77 online:

Why Do I Sponsor A Rock’n’Roll Band?

In December I came to know a band from Barcelona. A friend had sent an email that I might like them. Indeed, I loved them immediately. It is no secret that I am a big AC/DC fan, and as much as I love Back In Black and  their latest albums, the era with Bon Scott as the singer was something I always regretted not having experienced. When I heard ’77 from Barcelona the first time, I was taken back into the Seventies. Their music – they are not a coverband – sounds exactly like AC/DC with Bon Scott. Today I am calling them „the reincarnation of Bon Scott with AC/DC“.

At their concerts in December, here in Switzerland, people agreed „It is like being taken back in time and allowed to experience something we thought was gone forever“. I promised them to help organise their next Swiss tour, which is starting this Thursday.

But of course, a personal motive is not enough to sponsor a band through a campaigning agency. So, why do I do this? – Some of you might have noticed that I changed my claim and the one of business campaigning Switzerland. It is now

Campaigning like Rock’n’Roll

Rock’n’Roll has a lot to do with how I understand Campaigning. Rock’n’Roll is passion and dynamics. Rock’n’Roll requires a lot of hard work and discipline if you want to achieve anything that matters. Rock’n’Roll is all about creating a broad range of songs with just a few chords. Rock’n’Roll is the art to have on one side a clear concept and on the other hand to improvise in tune with the change of circumstances. Rock’n’Roll is to reduce things to the maximum, to keep things simple but yet not irrelevant or without a message. Rock’n’Roll writes history. Rock’n’Roll polarizes, there are fans and opponentes, but everybody knows what Rock’n’Roll stands for.  Rock’n’Roll is authentic. Rock’n’Roll is about breaking the laws and finding a third way/solution/option, where other can see only two. Rock’n’Roll is about creativity, not only in the sense of creating something outstanding but also in the sense of creating something that lasts, something timeless and self-sustainable. Rock’n’Roll is about creating a movement. Rock’n’Roll  changed the world and made it a better place to be. Rock’n’Roll is pure energy. Rock’n’Roll is my personal passion, just like Campaigning. If you understand Rock’n’Roll, then you understand the way I work.

Considering all this, it is absolutely logical why my company supports the Blues4Friends event and ’77 during their second tour through Switzerland.

I even created a flyer myself, without support by a graphic designer. You can download it here. Download it and spread it! Thanks.

Listen yourself:

Your Game Is Over (Official Video)

Big Smoker Pig (Official Video)

’77 on MySpace:

’77 on Facebook:

Tour Dates:

  • 11th May / Espace Autogere / Lausanne
  • 12th May /  Eldorado Bar / Biel/Bienne
  • 13th Mai / Rock City / Uster
  • 14th Mai / Mars Bar / Zürich
  • 16th May / Restaurant Widder / Winterthur
  • 17th May / Agora Bar / Basel
  • 18th May / Schrottbar /  Biel/Bienne
  • 19th Mai / Dead End / Bern

World Campaigning Forum: Learning from one another. To make our world a better place

During my career as a campaigning consultant and agency owner I came across a couple of books that marked milestones in the development of strategic thinking and the way business developers, marketers, strategists and communication specialists address change. I am thinking of people like:

  • Marty Neumeier, author of The Brand Gap
  • Alexandre Robert, co-author of Produkt ist Kommunikation
  • Mats Lindgren and Hans Bandhold, authors of Scenario Planning
  • Helen Edwards and Derek Day, authors of Creating Passionbrands
  • Joe Trippi author of The Revolution Will Not Be Televized
  • Tom Peters, author of Re-Imagine
  • Adam Brandenburger, Ada Brandenberger and Barry Nalebuff, authors of Co-Opetition
  • Harro von Senger, professor and expert for Chinese strategemes (
  • Marco Althaus, author of Kampagne!

The concepts that they present in their books are mostly identical to my own campaigning concept. They come from different directions and work in different fields, but the mindset is the same. Since five years now the idea has been around to bring these authors together in order to learn from each other and make the world a better place. Because learning works best when you work together on a solution that is challenging and inspiring, with everybody adding his knowledge and experience to create something that is more than the sum of all, the idea is to choose a problem that poses a real challenge to humankind, the solution of which will be contribution to the future of our planet and our societies.

Some of the authors above have already confirmed that they would like to participate. In 2009 I tried to delegate the fundraising for and organization of the event. Today I started to give it another try myself. I updated the flyer and website and during the coming weeks I will make an effort to find sponsors – foundations that are interested to support this or corporations that will get an additional value by being allowed to present their own problem to be solved by this high-potential group of strategists.

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bfu: Anzahl Motorradunfälle Schweiz überproportional gesunken

bfu: Anzahl Motorradunfälle Schweiz überproportional gesunken. Kommentar: (via seReive)

Video von business campaigning Switzerland enthüllt…

Video von business campaigning Switzerland enthüllt: SIR MOUNT H killt jeden Kater:
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Produktbeschreibung SIR MOUNT H angepasst

Hab mal Produktbeschreibung SIR MOUNT H angepasst. Nun passt der Text besser zu Corporate & Product Identity
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South Dakota

I am currently traveling in Colorado and South Dakota where friends of mine have an organization that supports Native American Indians on the reservations here with what they need for a living, Pathways To Spirit E.g. With money for propane in winter, but they also built a children’s library and started a straw bale houses project. The government houses are way too hot in summer, and in winter people sometimes freeze to death.

Pathways To Spirit put me on their advisory board four years ago, as I consulted them on their website and Fundraising strategy. I was impressed about their success, the stories they told me yesterday during breakfast in Boulder. They are great in taking action and managed to get supported by some of the most famous and wealthiest people on this planet, but communicating has always second priority. That is one reason, why e.g. their Facebook page is not actively being used. We are discussing ways to change this and use a more comprehensive approach. I’ll come back with more information after our trip to the reservations of South Dakota. As I am writing this I am in a motel in Valentine, Nebraska, right next to Rosebud Reservation, where we’ll stay with friends, camping on the prairie.

P.S. Thanks to my iPad which now has a US SIM Card I can be online even here. It is so good that you don’t have to depend on roaming anymore with an iPad and a prepaid SIM.