Der Kollaps der Ökosysteme ist ein noch größeres Problem als der Klimawandel

Eine Studie von hunderten Wissenschaftlern liefert erschreckende Erkenntnisse über die Zerstörung der Natur durch die Menschheit.
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If Fukushima Was in Switzerland (via seReive’s Secrets)

This was for a radius of 20 km, now imagine 30 km or 40 km… Let the future begin – with renewable energy!

If Fukushima Was in Switzerland With all the tweeting and facebooking going up around #Fukushima I was wondering, how big the evacuation zone would be, if something like this would happen here in Switzerland. So I googled a map of Switzerland and added a circle with a radius of more or less 20 km. This is the result: … Read More

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Currywurst Campaigning Night With Business Feng Shui (via pro:campaigning)

Yesterday another monthly Currywurst Campaigning Night took place at the office of business campaigning Switzerland, sponsored as usual by pro:campaigning. Nicole Brandes introduced us into the secrets of Business Feng Shui – a toolbox (changerator) that is widely applied in Asia to increase the well-feeling of employees in order to increase productivity and output. In the end it’s about creating a win-win-situation for all. Read more at pro:campaigning’s blog if you like to.

Currywurst Campaigning Night With Business Feng Shui Live blog by Peter Metzinger Another Currywurst Campaigning Night Zürich. Our speaker tonight is Nicole Brandes.  Her topic: Business Feng Shui. I had invited her after finding out how many companies use Feng Shui to increase productivity and sales. While we in Europe often consider Feng Shui as something esoteric, Nicole shows us concrete examples of Feng Shui at work in wolrd famous buildings. In Asia it is widely accepted. Feng Shui in China o … Read More

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Back To The Baden Bluesfestival

Decided to buy a table with 10 seats again at the „Blues for friends“ event, as part of the Baden Bluesfestival. Looking very much forward to 25th May.