Horror: Spenden sammeln für den Wahlkampf

Ich habe zwar meine berufliche Laufbahn in einer Organisation begonnen, die es nur dank zahlreicher Spenden gibt, aber das so genannte Fundraising war nie mein Ding. Stattdessen habe ich als Campaigner an der Front gewirkt, mich für eine bessere Zukunft engagiert und konkrete Veränderungen bewirkt. Selbstlosigkeit war immer die oberste Maxime. Und nun bin ich auf einmal mitten im Wahlkampf für mich selbst. Und muss Spenden sammeln… „Horror: Spenden sammeln für den Wahlkampf“ weiterlesen

#csch16 – Sponsoren gesucht

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South Dakota

I am currently traveling in Colorado and South Dakota where friends of mine have an organization that supports Native American Indians on the reservations here with what they need for a living, Pathways To Spirit E.g. With money for propane in winter, but they also built a children’s library and started a straw bale houses project. The government houses are way too hot in summer, and in winter people sometimes freeze to death.

Pathways To Spirit put me on their advisory board four years ago, as I consulted them on their website and Fundraising strategy. I was impressed about their success, the stories they told me yesterday during breakfast in Boulder. They are great in taking action and managed to get supported by some of the most famous and wealthiest people on this planet, but communicating has always second priority. That is one reason, why e.g. their Facebook page is not actively being used. We are discussing ways to change this and use a more comprehensive approach. I’ll come back with more information after our trip to the reservations of South Dakota. As I am writing this I am in a motel in Valentine, Nebraska, right next to Rosebud Reservation, where we’ll stay with friends, camping on the prairie.

P.S. Thanks to my iPad which now has a US SIM Card I can be online even here. It is so good that you don’t have to depend on roaming anymore with an iPad and a prepaid SIM.