Changes At business campaigning Switzerland

Four years ago, when my wife died, I decided I needed to change my life significantly. Until then I had spent years working most of my time managing my agency business campaigning Switzerland, rather than what I like and can do best: campaigning, coaching, consulting and teaching. Tragic events like this one can change your perspective a lot and that is what happened to me. From there on I wanted to focus again on those things that I really enjoyed. As a consequence I delegated the agency management and went away to follow other ideas. I launched or helped to launch new products and companies and earned my living from consulting, coaching and teaching under the umbrella of my individual consulting firm. Some projects I did together with ‘business campaigning Switzerland’ as sub-contractor.
In December 2008, half a year after I had left the agency completely on its own, the whole team had resigned. I had to go back, hire new staff, reposition the agency and give it another try. One year later I am faced with almost the same situation. I can either go back and hire new people or just let it be and close the office in its current form down. I decided to do the second.
business campaigning Switzerland has always worked with a partner network of copy writers, webdesigners, graphic designers, PR specialists, film producers, application developers, coaches etc. Our main job has always been on a strategic level (strategy and concept development, as well as project management). This is going to stay the same.
The only difference that our clients will notice will be that from February on they will talk to me again and that I will coordinate the project teams consisting of our partners. And, of course, the address will change. That’s about all.

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