Back To Switzerland

I am currently having a stop over on my way from Melbourne to Switzerland. Before departure I got no more chance to write something. This time being in Melbourne was a more intense experience than the other times. Not only did I get a lot of work done and could still meet my friends and also make new friends (especially among the tango addicts of Melbourne). I had the goal to get to know people who are in the same business and who can help me to expand my agency’s business network to Australia. I got to know a Marketing coach (through a friend at his café), a Crisis Communication & PR consultant (he also manages a small Harley rental, where I rented a Harley), my publisher’s representative for Australia and New Zealand (at an AC/DC afterparty), who wants to help me with the English version of my book, the CEO of Whispir, an alert communication technology provider for Crisis Management and found out, that an old friend had started his own business with Personal Development, Fine Art Management and Strategic Consulting. All these people have a similar approach and share the same values as I do.

I also got substantial party of my book written, with the help of Cate Newman-Marshall, as already written earlier. I proved that it is not only possible to work from here. It also had advantages for some clients for whom I do Issues Monitoring and Management. Due to the time zone they had their reports in their mailbox long before they started working every day. On the personal level I could see AC/DC two times, ride a Harley for a couple of days through the wine areas, dance a lot of tango and enjoy a few weeks of summer. Being in Melbourne this time was a success on all levels. I will definitely come back next year and just move my office and home for a month.

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