Why Social Media Campaigning?

Today we announced the second social media campaigning assignment for this year. But given the fact that business campaigning Switzerland is a strategic consultancy as well as an interdisciplinary, result-driven agency, the question arises why we focus on one specific tool(box). During a pro:campaigning skillshare workshop in May this year I even realised how dangerous this can be to our brand. Social media is such a strong brand these days, that it might cover our strategic consultancy services.

The answer is easily told. First of all, innovation is at the heart of our business and social media are directly related to the most innovative campaigning concepts and business models of the last few years. To be innovative means to learn to play the social media game as good as all the other approaches, or toolboxes (PR, advertising, change management, sales, CRM, etc.). Second, being innovative, we – together with Kiwi Custom – recently developed a browser-based application, seReive,  that allows us to send messages to an unlimited number of Facebook-pages, Facebook-profiles, Twitter-accounts, WordPress-blogs, LinkedIn-, Hi5- and MySpaces-profiles with jus one click. I needed this, because last year in summer it usually took me up to 20 minutes to send just one message; because I was on too many profiles and pages and in too many groups.

Within the next few days we are going to release the next version of seReive. This new version, with a new design, will not only allow one-to-many-posting. It also includes a monitoring function – all social media, pages and groups managed from just one platform. seReive on the other hand now allows us to offer social media campaigning at an affordable price, because we can work far more efficiently than with any other tool. (There are some similar solutions, most of them with a more fancy design, but none of them is as comprehensive as seReive.) To save our brands Kiwi Custom and business campaigning Switzerland are currently discussing a joint venture, specialised in social media campaigning. Stay tuned on seReive.wordpress.com

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