Amazing Video On What Motivates People

A few days ago I came across the following video. It explains recent scientific results on what motivates us effectively (and not only theoretically). E.g. financial incentives for complex tasks that require creativity lead to WORSE results. (To take this serious would have to mean an end to all bonus programs for top, highly skilled professionals with complex problems to solve.)

It seems that for tasks that require highly skilled people and creativity only a clear purpose or vision around a goal to make the world a little better, a challenge of mastery and true involvement lead to better results. In the end it comes down to the purpose. That is not new, as it at the core of our campaigning approach. Every new campaign project that I get involved to starts with the question how it can make the world a better place to live, at least a little bit. Watch the video, as I can never explain it as good as the guys who made this:

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