seReive Got A New Logo, Improved Interface And The «Receive» Feature

Before I’m off for another holiday in Australia, just a short note, that recently I’ve been very busy not only with clients’ projects (all of them really exciting and challenging) but also with seReive. It was time to give her a logo and a new design. The logo was done by Lorena Valentini, while Samuli was hitting the keyboards with improvements on the interface, programming the daily email-notifications (when you get reactions on your posts) and implementing the new design. For adding walls to seReive we recently introduced the so called oAuth process. After using seReive for a year now in social media campaigning, I then suddenly realized what the real strength of our tool is: it’s a multi-user social media cockpit for teams and real professionals. It is optimized fpr mobile applications and totally platform-independend. Except our own platform of course. But we are not e.g. depending on WordPress for seReive to function.

Today I added an instruction video and a list of references to the website. Have a look at www.sereive.info

The app itself is still under www.sereive.com

The following image shows in principle how seReive works.

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