Strengthening Cooperation With Melbourne-Based NewmanMarshall

Last year in Melbourne I met Cate Newman Marshal from NewmanMarshall for the first time. She helped me with translations of basic terms in my book, as part of working on an English version of «Business Campaigning». Cate used to work in marketing for HSBC and now has her own consultancy in Melbourne. This week we started our first joint project together. A Swiss based international management school that has come under competition by American schools with their aggressive marketing asked us to review their English website and support them in making the text more attractive to possible students. I decided that NewmanMarshall would be the perfect partner in this project. Not only due to the English skills but also as Cate had been running international campaigns for HSBC and has the same strategic thinking that I have. As a quick fix we chunked a few pages on their website. Next step will be a bigger, more comprehensive project, during which we will support them in developing their Corporate Identity, based on our “listen first” approach and competitive analysis. Only after that we will know which changes to the website have to be made. I am very excited about this first joint project with downunder. Another reason to go back to Melbourne again and again.

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