ITIL – The Industrialisation Of IT

ITIL is to the IT industry what Henry Ford did to car manufacturing” – that’s how a  campaign strategy workshop started yesterday which I moderated for Glenfis AG, with the goal of promoting their ITIL jobs portal. It was a fascinating workshop that gave me new insights in how IT is going to change during the next years and how it might change our lives. As Henry Ford’s assembly belt production made cars available to everyone, I asked whether ITIL can lead to similar changes in software production, and the answer was yes. We started with developing the campaign identity along the line passion-vision-mission, continued with the strategy checklist from goals to an interpretation of the Strategic Campaigning Guidelines™ and finally did a creative workshop on possible actions and measures to be taken. Unfortunately I cannot reveal any details about the strategy that we came to, but it was an inspiring workshop and I wish them good luck. This I can say.

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