On Tour With A Rock’n’Roll Band

It’s been less than a year since I first heard ’77. I received a YouTube-link , clicked it and was totally fascinated. 30 years after Bon Scott had died, AC/DC was still producing great albums, the best music on earth to me, but like many AC/DC fans I missed Bon Scott and wondered what we might have gotten had he not died in 1980, ten months before my first AC/DC concert. And AC/DC are getting older. They had just come back from a break of  8 long years… How long would they be able to continue? Who would be there to keep their music alive? Many bands tried but to me they were all disappointing because none of them managed to write exactly that kind of music. Maybe they didn’t  try seriously enough? Would it be possible at all to produce new songs in the style of AC/DC with Bon Scott? How much space for creativity was left?

And then I heard ’77…

There are no better words to describe ’77 than those of another AC/DC fan: «’77 are like AC/DC should be». They are bringing back the seventies, the music of Bon Scott and they deliver new songs that sound exactly like AC/DC with Bon Scott, but they are new. Following our claim «campaigning like Rock’n’Roll» it was only logical that I decided to sponsors their last Swiss tour, which was in May.

By then they had just finished to record their new album. We agreed that I would not only sponsor but organise their next tour, in October.

This tour is currently going on with a second gig tonight in Zürich (Bar Rossi). It is my first engagement as a booking agent and not everything went perfect. I had to learn a lot about this business and made mistakes. But according to the band this tour has so far already been more successful than the complete last tour. I however think this is due to their growing fan base. Every new gig brings new fans and they spread the message and bring friends with them to the next show. And the band uses Facebook and MySapce perfectly to connect with them.

Anyway, I enjoy being on the road with a Rock’n’Roll band. Of course my normal business is continuing during the days. They are presenting their new album «High Decibels». Nomen est omen, Swiss police stopped 3 concerts early so far – high decibels…

Are you ready for Rock’n’Roll? Then come and get it. Remaining tour dates:

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