On social media and why the rules of the game will be changing

After reading Seth Godin’s blog post “Ranking for signal to noise ratio” recently, a thought crossed my mind that I would like to share.

You can think of any social media platform in its early days as a big house with a huge central hall. At that time there were only a few people in it and it was easy to get to know each other and listen to each other. No matter how good you were in marketing, communication or strategy, it was easy to spread your message and find an interested audience. Those early users soon beacme experts, as they knew this specific social media platform best (but not necessarily the rules of marketing). They can tell you how to enter, how to behave, were the bar is and what’s inside the other rooms.

But the more the room filled up, the more the social noise increased. With more people you can still find an audience easily. But is it the one that you are looking for? And how do you stick in people’s memory, how do you stand out from the mass? Now imagine the room is filled completely and everybody is wearing black. The one who wears red, is the one receives the attention.it’s the old Strategic Campaigning Guideline No. 1 (SCG 1) in its interpretation “don’t be different, be totally different”, which is gaining more and more importance again.

it seems to me like social media is right on track to take us back to where we were, when we left conventional marketing, right to the same problems and questions, with the only difference being that now we are able to give easy sharing tools into the hands of our audience. But the era of sticking out just by being on a social platform seems to be over very soon – if it is not yet…

In the future it will be important again to know how to stand out without being annoying. SCG 1 will be the key – know what you stand for, polarize and be not different but totally different from your (awareness) competitors. In the long term those will be considered experts (again) who have mastered and understand this principle in all its  facets. Better control that agenda! (SCG 2…)

P.S. And of course this ballroom is not a market where those get the most attention who are the loudest screamers.

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