You don’t honor the seconds, you’re not worth the hours

This morning I published another business campaigning Switzerland newsletter, which I’d like to present here in English.

Save time with TextExpander

This morning I would like to quickly introduce a software that I would never want be without anymore: TextExpander. It has already helped me to save a lot of time and increase my productivity (in line with Strategic Campaigning Guideline No. 11). It works like this: you enter a long or complicated text into a field and a snippet text into another field. From now on when you type the snippet it is automatically replaced by the long or complicated text. Although you save only a few seconds each time I have saved 7.75 hours, since I started using the software, a full working day. Imagine the productivity gains …

Branded Social Media Marketing seReive

Our little daughter seReive is evolving beautifully. Since a week, when the staff of Swiss Travel Systems AG is posting on Twitter or Facebook, their posts no longer show the name of another company the social media tool of which they are using, but the name of their website www.SwissTravelSystem.com Clicking on it will draw users to the site. Branded Social Media Marketing this is called in a technical jargon, and Swiss Travel Systems AG is taking over a pioneer role for this here in Switzerland. Thanks to a so-called white label version of seReive. Media release here.

For more information: www.seReive.info

Next Campaigning Seminar: 14-15 January 2013

“Dear Co-Campaigners. Yesterday I presented my input on (name of the project) to the board of directors meeting. My suggestion to go back to the roots, meaning to start all over with the vision (what does our organisation want, what do our customers expext?) did – after a lively discussion -. fall on fertile ground. To create awareness  of the “four levels” (Vision, Strategy, Operations, Tactics) is very helpful to overcome deadlocks and approach problems from a new angle. It’s just often the case that you lose the actual goals out of sight during the “fire extinguishing” and then possibly find yourself somewhere where you did not want to go … “.

After this feedback to the last seminar I’ve decided to offer another one, again at the Clouds, on 14 and 15 January 2012.

Regristration here (German):  http://www.amiando.com/CampaigningSeminar

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