When Rock’n’Roll meets Business Strategy it sounds like AC/DC

Today I started promoting my new book and sent the following media release to various Rock’n’Roll magazines. Curious, what’s going to happen.

When Rock’n’Roll meets Business Strategy it sounds like AC/DC

“The AC/DC Strategy – Rock’n’Roll and the 14 Strategic Campaigning Guidelines for Marketing, Communication” is a new book written by Switzerland’s campaigning theory pioneer Peter Metzinger. Since 19th February the book is available in English.
Cover_The AC:DC Strategy_V01In his latest book Peter Metzinger examines how AC/DC, without even knowing them, comply with the so called «14 Strategic Campaigning Guidelines». These success factors are guiding principles that Metzinger “discovered” in 1998 when he was working on a comprehensive campaigning theory as a foundation for lecturing at universities. According to Metzinger, complying with these guidelines will increase the probability of being successful, whether in political campaigns, general marketing, corporate communication or corporate strategy.
The book explains also, how these success factors can be implemented in practice and how they can be used both in personal and professional enterprises to foster success. They are guidelines that every business, every organisation and every band should know, as they are at the core of every strategy.
The author has been an AC/DC fan since 1980, a physicist (university master degree) since 1990. He worked for 13 years as a Campaigner and Campaigns Director at Greenpeace. Since 1998 he has been working as an independent strategic consultant, campaign manager and agency owner. He is a lecturer at various universities of applied sciences and further education institutions, as well as a startup trainer at various Swiss universities.
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Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • AC/DC
  • The 14 Strategic Campaigning Guidelines
    • SCG 1: Polarizing, profiling, positioning
    • SCG 2: Controling the agenda
    • SCG 3: Concentrating forces
    • SCG 4: Building on existing strengths
    • SCG 5: Maintaining flexibility
    • SCG 6: Tenacity and perseverance in the pursuit strategy
    • SCG 7: Impact orientation and alignment of objectives and means
    • SCG 8: Utilizing synergies and multiplication effects
    • SCG 9: Awareness and foresight
    • SCG 10: Unité de doctrine
    • SCG 11: Efficiency and simplicity
    • SCG 12: Thinking in scenarios
    • SCG 13: Complying with success principles of communication
    • SCG 14: Building golden bridges
  • About the author
  • Sources
Media professionals may order a free copy for reviews by Email to DasACDCPrinzip@businesscampaigning.com – don’t forget to provide the receiver’s address. If you prefer a Kindle version, we will send you a voucher.
The book is also available in German: Das AC/DC Prinzip
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