«Connect to’ vs. ‘Connect» – I couldn’t write it better. And we want more!

I love Seth Godin’s blog. He really knows how to express things in a simple way and how to give you new insights by focussing on what really counts. Yesterday I read a post titled «Connect to’ vs. ‘Connect».

Since splitting from Campaigning Summit Vienna we have been re-thinking the whole event, working out what is different between an Austrian and a Swiss approach, what is the Campaigning Summit Switzerland’s particular identity, what makes it different from other, similar events.

One thing is the Swiss mentality of course, influenced by the Swiss campaign’s against Austrian occupation, our rejection of authorities and «titles» and our direct democracy.

The Swiss mentality matches exactly with how we planned the event already back in 2004, long before the Campaigning Summit Vienna, which reflects more the Austrian style of having a leader and a crowd of followers. That doesn’t work here, of course. Our approach is to build and maintain a community, or a «tribe», as Seth calls it.

Seth’s blog post explains precisely the direction in which we plan to go with the Campaigning Summit Switzerland. I couldn’t explain it any better.

When you connect your customers or your audience or your students, you’re the matchmaker, building horizontal relationships, person to person. This is what makes a tribe. People caring about people. Side by side, multiplying exponentially.

We, the team of business campaigning Switzerland GmbH, want to be the matchmakers. We want to bring all people together who love Campaigning as a way of thinking, planning and delivering change. We want to provide a platform for networking, inspiration and learning from each other. That’s is. Campaigning Summit Switzerland.

To learn more, please read Seth’s post:


Let’s discuss this at Campaigning Summit Switzerland 2015: www.CampaigningSummitSwitzerland.com – We have 140% registrations compared to last year at the same time. But we want more! Better get your ticket now.

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