«Connect to’ vs. ‘Connect» – I couldn’t write it better. And we want more!

I love Seth Godin’s blog. He really knows how to express things in a simple way and how to give you new insights by focussing on what really counts. Yesterday I read a post titled «Connect to’ vs. ‘Connect». Since splitting from Campaigning Summit Vienna we have been re-thinking the whole event, working out what is different between an […]

Did nobody tell Philipp Maderthaner that Switzerland is not part of the European Union?

Yesterday a registered letter from the District Court of Zürich made my day. I had to laugh out loudly. The letter informed us that Philipp Maderthaner had tried “by means of a precautionary measure” to prohibit us the use of the term Campaigning Summit in Campaigning Summit Switzerland and even demanded to shut down our website. As justification, he claims to […]

Philipp Maderthaner And Campaigning Summit Zurich – Facts, Good To Know

I hesitated for a long while with this post. There’s always a backlash when you carry an argument into the public. People believe you or they don’t. And if they don’t, your reputation suffers. But there are two reasons that lead me to the decision to publish some facts about working with Philipp Maderthaner. First of all, I […]

Campaigning Summit Switzerland ends partnership with Campaigning Summit Vienna 

When Lorena and I suggested to Philipp Maderthaner and his Campaigning Bureau Vienna to arrange a Campaigning Summit in Switzerland, we did it on the agreement that we would be equal partners. Our agency would take all the risk – meaning effectively pay for the event, because it was clear that it would take a couple of years for […]

Greenpeace, von Matt und Schottlands Unabhängigkeitsbewegung auf der Bühne am Campaigning Summit Zurich 2014

Um den Campaigning Summit Zurich 2013 vorzubereiten, hatten wir weniger als 3 Monate Zeit zur Verfügung. Dieses Mal, so hatten wir es uns geschworen, machen wir es anders. Zwar hätte es fast nicht mehr geklappt, weil eine Referentin letzte Woche absagen musste, aber fast daneben ist eben auch daneben, und so freue ich mich sehr, dass […]