20 Years Business with Campaigning

(For the English version scroll down, please.) Heute vor genau 20 Jahren war es so weit. Am ersten Tag in meinem «Leben nach Greenpeace» kratzte ich alles Geld zusammen, das ich hatte und kaufte mir einen Mac, einen Bildschirm und einen Drucker. Ich hatte schon zuvor die Idee gehabt, dass sämtliche Kampagnen und Veränderungsprozesse den gleichen […]

AC/DC Without Brian Johnson Or Angus Young?

I was in the middle of writing a 2nd edition of«The AC/DC Strategy» (in German «Das AC/DC Prinzip» when the news about singer Brian Johnson having to stop hit. The major change to the 1st edition was to include the following thoughts, which arose already when rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young was replaced by his nephew Stevie […]

Don’t get lost!

In campaigning it is extremenly important to know how long to fight and when to let go. If a campaign or project has been going for a very long time and you haven’t achieved any significant changes – or strategic goals – then it is very likely that you are lost along the way. Maybe […]

On social media and why the rules of the game will be changing

After reading Seth Godin’s blog post “Ranking for signal to noise ratio” recently, a thought crossed my mind that I would like to share. You can think of any social media platform in its early days as a big house with a huge central hall. At that time there were only a few people in […]

Go Swimming With The Sharks

We all know it. Some of the world’s most favourite beaches are permanently threatened by sharks. Only when somebody gets attacked or the guards discover a shark in the water everybody seems to care about it and stays on the beach. As if the risk wouldn’t be there when the sharks remain unseen… The risk […]