AC/DC im Gemeinderat?

So lautet der Titel einer Werbekampagne, die ich gerade auf Facebook laufen habe. Sie richtet sich an AC/DC- und Hardrock-Fans aus Dietikon zeigt mich auf Fotos mit den AC/DC-Gitarristen Angus und Stevie Young, dem Schlagzeuger Chris Stade und dem Sänge Brian Johnson. 2015 durfte ich sie alle kennenlernen, in Zürich, London und Sydney. (Mehr darüber hier.) Was ist mit «AC/DC im Gemeinderat» gemeint? „AC/DC im Gemeinderat?“ weiterlesen

Der Strategische Campaigning Grundsatz Nr. 11 und die Physik

Heute morgen las ich in der Juniausgabe des Bild der Wissenschaft einen Artikel über die jüngsten Entwicklungen bei der Erforschung von Antimaterie. Er fing mit dem folgenden Textausschnitt an. Als ich den las, dachte ich „na das ist doch mal eine originelle Anwendung des Strategischer Campaigning Grundsatzes Nr. 11  (Effizienz und Pragmatismus) auf dem Gebiet der Physik. Man könnte auch sagen, das Beispiel verdeutlicht den Unterschied zwischen einem Campaigner und einer instrumentefixierten Agentur.

Physiker erzählen gerne die Geschichte vom Studenten, der die Höhe des Universitätsgebäudes bestimmen soll. Sein Professor händigt ihm dazu ein Barometer aus – und erwartet, dass der Student den Luftdruck-Unterschied abliest, um daraus die Höhe zu berechnen. Doch der pfiffige Student hält das für viel zu naheliegend und schlägt andere Methoden vor: Er könnte das Barometer als Pendel verwenden, um dessen Periode zu messen, die wegen der Erdanziehung von der Höhe abhängt. Oder er könnte es vom Dach des Gebäudes werfen, um die Fallzeit zu bestimmen. Doch der Professor ist damit nicht zufrieden. Schließlich klopft der Student an die Tür des Hausmeisters – und der verrät ihm, wie hoch das Gebäude ist, nachdem er das Barometer geschenkt bekommen hat.

The Grateful Dead and Strategic Campaigning Guideline No. 2

In his book Brand Like A Rock Star Steve Jones explains how The Grateful Dead not only invented a marketing approach that anticipated decades ago what many only start to learn today with the rise of social media. He also points out how important for their success it was to break the industry’s rules and create their own, which in fact is just another interpretation of Strategic Campaigning Guideline No. 2 („control the agenda“)

Love their music or not, you can’t deny the visionary brilliance of the Grateful Dead. And for much of what they did, the experts at the time mocked them:

  • Fans recording concerts? Insane.
  • Database marketing? Hardly worth the trouble.
  • Social causes? That’s for politicians.
  • Intellectual rights? The record company gets those.

Rock star brands don’t always play by everyone else’s rules. They do things differently. They understand what matters to their fans and reflect that in how they do business. Rock star brands don’t look to the past or to the crowd to see what they should do next; they set their own course for the future. They are revolutionary. When you embark on something revolutionary, you won’t have any shortage of people telling you that you are wrong. When you draw your, own road map, you risk getting lost. You don’t have the same GPS that others have. Yet by drawing your own road map, you might discover places and routes that others have never seen before. You might just find a new way to do things that will change the world. Only those willing to take the risk, as the Grateful Dead did, will ever know the rewards.

I couldn’t say it any better. If he wants to be successful a campaigner will never accept rules that keep him from being so. He will change them.

Campaigning Seminar 2013 – erfolgreich Kampagnen planen und umsetzen

„Breaking The Rules“ (AC/DC)

Black sheep and a renegade
Hot feet in the cool of the shade
The street jungle and the tough childhoods
Examinations done no good
Got crow bars and hot wired cars
Sneak thieves and cheap cigars
No rebellion not today
I get my kicks in my own way
Right ok
Just keep on breakin‘ the rules
C’mon get ready to rule
Just keep on breakin‘ the rules
C’mon get ready to rule

„The Grateful Dead and Strategic Campaigning Guideline No. 2“ weiterlesen

On Tour With A Rock’n’Roll Band

It’s been less than a year since I first heard ’77. I received a YouTube-link , clicked it and was totally fascinated. 30 years after Bon Scott had died, AC/DC was still producing great albums, the best music on earth to me, but like many AC/DC fans I missed Bon Scott and wondered what we might have gotten had he not died in 1980, ten months before my first AC/DC concert. And AC/DC are getting older. They had just come back from a break of  8 long years… How long would they be able to continue? Who would be there to keep their music alive? Many bands tried but to me they were all disappointing because none of them managed to write exactly that kind of music. Maybe they didn’t  try seriously enough? Would it be possible at all to produce new songs in the style of AC/DC with Bon Scott? How much space for creativity was left?

And then I heard ’77…

There are no better words to describe ’77 than those of another AC/DC fan: «’77 are like AC/DC should be». They are bringing back the seventies, the music of Bon Scott and they deliver new songs that sound exactly like AC/DC with Bon Scott, but they are new. Following our claim «campaigning like Rock’n’Roll» it was only logical that I decided to sponsors their last Swiss tour, which was in May.

By then they had just finished to record their new album. We agreed that I would not only sponsor but organise their next tour, in October.

This tour is currently going on with a second gig tonight in Zürich (Bar Rossi). It is my first engagement as a booking agent and not everything went perfect. I had to learn a lot about this business and made mistakes. But according to the band this tour has so far already been more successful than the complete last tour. I however think this is due to their growing fan base. Every new gig brings new fans and they spread the message and bring friends with them to the next show. And the band uses Facebook and MySapce perfectly to connect with them.

Anyway, I enjoy being on the road with a Rock’n’Roll band. Of course my normal business is continuing during the days. They are presenting their new album «High Decibels». Nomen est omen, Swiss police stopped 3 concerts early so far – high decibels…

Are you ready for Rock’n’Roll? Then come and get it. Remaining tour dates:

’77 online:

Why Do I Sponsor A Rock’n’Roll Band?

In December I came to know a band from Barcelona. A friend had sent an email that I might like them. Indeed, I loved them immediately. It is no secret that I am a big AC/DC fan, and as much as I love Back In Black and  their latest albums, the era with Bon Scott as the singer was something I always regretted not having experienced. When I heard ’77 from Barcelona the first time, I was taken back into the Seventies. Their music – they are not a coverband – sounds exactly like AC/DC with Bon Scott. Today I am calling them „the reincarnation of Bon Scott with AC/DC“.

At their concerts in December, here in Switzerland, people agreed „It is like being taken back in time and allowed to experience something we thought was gone forever“. I promised them to help organise their next Swiss tour, which is starting this Thursday.

But of course, a personal motive is not enough to sponsor a band through a campaigning agency. So, why do I do this? – Some of you might have noticed that I changed my claim and the one of business campaigning Switzerland. It is now

Campaigning like Rock’n’Roll

Rock’n’Roll has a lot to do with how I understand Campaigning. Rock’n’Roll is passion and dynamics. Rock’n’Roll requires a lot of hard work and discipline if you want to achieve anything that matters. Rock’n’Roll is all about creating a broad range of songs with just a few chords. Rock’n’Roll is the art to have on one side a clear concept and on the other hand to improvise in tune with the change of circumstances. Rock’n’Roll is to reduce things to the maximum, to keep things simple but yet not irrelevant or without a message. Rock’n’Roll writes history. Rock’n’Roll polarizes, there are fans and opponentes, but everybody knows what Rock’n’Roll stands for.  Rock’n’Roll is authentic. Rock’n’Roll is about breaking the laws and finding a third way/solution/option, where other can see only two. Rock’n’Roll is about creativity, not only in the sense of creating something outstanding but also in the sense of creating something that lasts, something timeless and self-sustainable. Rock’n’Roll is about creating a movement. Rock’n’Roll  changed the world and made it a better place to be. Rock’n’Roll is pure energy. Rock’n’Roll is my personal passion, just like Campaigning. If you understand Rock’n’Roll, then you understand the way I work.

Considering all this, it is absolutely logical why my company supports the Blues4Friends event and ’77 during their second tour through Switzerland.

I even created a flyer myself, without support by a graphic designer. You can download it here. Download it and spread it! Thanks.

Listen yourself:

Your Game Is Over (Official Video)

Big Smoker Pig (Official Video)

’77 on MySpace:

’77 on Facebook:

Tour Dates:

  • 11th May / Espace Autogere / Lausanne
  • 12th May /  Eldorado Bar / Biel/Bienne
  • 13th Mai / Rock City / Uster
  • 14th Mai / Mars Bar / Zürich
  • 16th May / Restaurant Widder / Winterthur
  • 17th May / Agora Bar / Basel
  • 18th May / Schrottbar /  Biel/Bienne
  • 19th Mai / Dead End / Bern