Organisation, Konsistenz und das business campaigning® Modell

Seth Godin ist einer meiner Lieblingsblogger (den ich übrigens gerne mal als Referent zum Campaigning Summit Switzerland einladen möchte, was aber wahrscheinlich nicht finanzierbar wäre… Oder kennt jemand einen Sponsor, der das bezahlen würde?) Kürzlich las ich diesen Beitrag von ihm: Alphagrams It turns out that competitive Scrabble players always arrange the letters on their rack in […]

«Connect to’ vs. ‘Connect» – I couldn’t write it better. And we want more!

I love Seth Godin’s blog. He really knows how to express things in a simple way and how to give you new insights by focussing on what really counts. Yesterday I read a post titled «Connect to’ vs. ‘Connect». Since splitting from Campaigning Summit Vienna we have been re-thinking the whole event, working out what is different between an […]

Seth Godin And Strategic Campaigning Guideline No. 6

As some of my readers may know I created a set of 14 Strategic Campaigning Guidelines that should help any campaigner or campaign manager to be more successful by complying with them. «Tenacity and perseverance in the pursuit strategy» is No. 6. The best English literature about it is probably the English version of my book The […]