Ein kleiner Wegleiter für die Clubhouse App

Meine Kollegin und Spezialistin für New Work und Digital Strategy Heike Bauer hat einen Wegleiter für die neue Hype-App Clubhouse erstellt. Das habe ich eben erfahren, als ich sie um Rat fragte. Denn ich habe für heute 17 Uhr einen Termin angesetzt:

ReclaimTheFacts – strategies against the infodemic
Fake news and disinformation campaigns endanger the economy, environmental protection and our democracy. However, we are not defenseless against it. Let’s discuss strategies and actions to reclaimthefacts.

Zu Heikes Wegleiter geht es hier:

Aerosol transmission of Covid-19: A room, a bar and a classroom: how the coronavirus is spread through the air

It is time to stop believing that washing hands and keeping distance is sufficient to prevent an infection. Aerosols have the potential to infect you in a distance of 14 metres (evidence of real case)

The risk of contagion is highest in indoor spaces but can be reduced by applying all available measures to combat infection via aerosols. Here is an overview of the likelihood of infection in three everyday scenarios, based on the safety measures used and the length of exposure


Deutschland macht vorwärts mit einer Flugticketabgabe, die keine Lenkungsabgabe wäre

Verkehrsminister spricht sich für Zweckbindung der Luftverkehrssteuer aus http://www.airliners.de/verkehrsminister-luftverkehrssteuer-branchenkurs/51488

Das entspricht weitgehend dem, was ich hier geschrieben habe:


Blockchain Technologie – wie man sie erfolgreich einführt

Roger Bittel betreibt Upcrypto-Your Cryptocurrency News, einen News-Kanal und Community-Plattform rund um das Thema Blockchain.

Gestern hat er mich interviewt zur Frage, wie man Blockchain Technologie erfolgreich einführt. Basis des Interviews ist mein Modell mit den vier Dreiecken, den The Science of Change Triangles.

Hier geht’s zum Interview:

Executive Coach Lisa Christen’s Business Podcast on Future of Marketing

Business leadership podcast by Executive Coach Lisa Christen with AI Marketing and business campaigning guru Peter Metzinger.
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Master Your Time: 5 Daily Scheduling Methods to Bring More Focus to Your Day

More people are starting to feel as if their days are filled with tasks and projects that are left unfinished. While there may not be one proven method to help you complete it all, there are a few that can help you feel more accomplished. This article shows the different ways to analyze your work day. One choice is to
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Lucero Oyarzun: „Junge Leute setzen auf Authentizität!“

Lucero Oyarzun, Koordinatorin für digitale Kampagnen der mit dem Nobelpreis ausgezeichneten internationalen Kampagne zur Abschaffung von Atomwaffen (ICAN) und Referentin am diesjährigen Campaigning Summit Switzerland 2019, erklärt im Gespräch mit Fundraiser Magazin, wie man die junge Generation wirklich erreicht. Wir haben die wichtigsten Punkte des exklusiven Interviews für Sie zusammengefasst. #CSCH19 #Campaigning

Twitter vs. Facebook: Which Platform Should Your Business Be On?

If you are faced with the task of choosing between Facebook and Twitter to implement your social media strategy, you should consider a side-by-side comparison of the features, and notate which platform provides the most value for your needs. In this article, you will find a short breakdown between the two platforms to
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How this simple trick significantly increases the performance of Facebook ads

This article experiments with the copy length to maximize campaign performance. Contrary to the experts that claim the best way to achieve maximum leads is to have short copy, emojis and a few key points, the ads with at least one paragraph achieved the best performance, and the results improved over ads with only one
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Micro Conversions: What They Are, Why They Matter, & How to Track Them

This article demonstrates how to effectively use micro-conversions as a step in your buyer’s journey. While micro-conversions seem to be minor, if used properly, they can prove to be very effective in your marketing efforts. At some point, it may be worth taking a look at the source of your ad efforts, to help determin
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